Common sense to one person isn’t common sense to another person.  Common sense is knowledge from mistakes, outside information from others, and observations.

Small toddlers learn about gravity and balance from crawling from cruising along walls or furniture. If they skip a step, their balance will be off and they have to try again.   We all have limitations and potential on this which is why some of us seem to be more brave than others.

Someone could master their balance, coordination and could become a stunt person or a professional gymnastic athletic person.

Sadly, people with this ability can let it go to their head and assume that everyone has their gifts and talents and judge others based on their own bests.

The mask 😷 wearing is a mental version of this concept.

Intelligence is a factor in common sense as well.

The concept of common sense of wearing a mask correctly must be taught and broken down to the mental level of Covid existence denial people

If I were in charge of educating in media that covid is real, first I would show a body bags and toe tags    I would show a cemetery and a totals number of Covid deaths.   I would then show the medical expenditure predicted for survivors of Covid over the period of the rest of their lives.

Then, I would show young people suffering with post complications of covid in a doctor waiting room and list the their now permanent health complications and new limitations that science can’t repair.

It is sad that a sign has to be posted outside a beauty salon about covering a mouth and nose to protect against covid verses wearing a mask incorrectly or not even wearing one in stores.

Why is that the people who look better with a mask as a result from smoking on lips, teeth stains, frown wrinkles,  facial scars, crooked noses, carry weight in their faces, missing or badly stained teeth tend to always be the ones who refuse to wear masks or wear them incorrectly and angrily?

Masks that are the right color and shape for an individuals face can be flattering! They can bring out peoples eyes and or attractive eye glass frames!

Masks can show your personality and preferences  from matching to your clothes, favorite colors to sports teams! A person can even match their mask to their eye color!

The medical experts need to explain it differently to people lacking common sense and who aren’t associating not wearing masks with killing themselves and risking both the lives and health or others.

I think that people caught without masks in store should be forced to dig a grave with each violation in stores.    Or if they end up with Covid, they aren’t allowed to burden any medical staff.

I would have a house arrest bracket put on them where a alarm goes off if they enter a hospital for any reason

Then again, I have common sense.

Perhaps some people just don’t have general intelligence to make such decisions to protect themselves and others.   The solution may be to treat them for the way they behave, as a temper tantrum throwing toddler.

Perhaps Covid is all about thinning of the population when people who won’t wear a mask die from it.

If we could find a way to not have them spread Covid and make others sick or dead, in the process, it could reduce the population for a bigger cause.

It would expand the resources on plant earth for people with common sense and intelligence.



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