Rough night! Got home and was dog-tired from not sleeping well the last couple of days. I think my sleep-deficit finally caught up with me and knocked me on my ass. I had a bowl of cereal, and lay down to watch some T.V. The cats snuggled up to me, and that's all she wrote – cause I passed out cold. Literally!

I woke up two hours later because my feet were freezing even though I had the heat cranked up to 72 degrees. I shed my work clothes, took my meds, and got under the covers to warm up as best I could. The cats woke up, grabbed a snack, and cuddled up with me again. I remember my feet being painfully cold and finally warming up as one of the cats snuggled up to them on top of the covers. (It's like they know!)

Soon after, my partner got home from work and got in bed with me. I could tell he'd had a rough day at work. No kiss, no hug, no snuggling. I let him sleep. I woke up to take a leak several times during the night. (I think my sugar's out of whack again.) But finally woke up this morning feeling refreshed, rested and alert.

I apologized to the little one because I hadn't played with her in a couple of days and she was behaving like I was mad at her. She wouldn't approach me and would look at me as if I had just scolded her. I plan on playing with her when I get home from work today. I'll entertain her with the laser and let her know it's all good now that I'm rested.

It's amazing how not getting enough sleep will really screw up your life until you get some rest.

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  1. Louie 11 years ago

    I read where cats need 16-20 hours of sleep a day! Wow! I'd be a rocket scientist if I let my mind get that much rest! I'd probably live to be 100, too!

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