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Today started off pretty well. I got a new job that I start on Monday. The pay is awesome and I'm really good friends with the person who is going to be working directly beside me. It's Friday, another bonus. I got to do some long overdue writing and hung out with some friends who I haven't really had the time to spend long periods with lately.

I took some pictures, fed the cats, picked up my house a little bit. Things were going quite well.

I decided to go to a meeting again tonight. I always bring my son to the meetings on the weekends. He normally has a hard time sitting still but nothing I can't handle. He's a good boy for the most part.

Today, not so much. The meeting, which is my home group and I pretty much have an obligation to attend, chair and make the coffee at, was where he decided to test me. He refused to listen to my direction, would not sit down, be quiet or show any sort of respect toward anyone who was there.

I decided we had to leave as it is not fair for the rest of the meeting to have to sit through a four year old misbehaving while they are trying to get better.

For those of you who know portland, the meeting was downtown on Congress street across from Coffee By Design. I live on the West End. Julin decided to carry his temper fit the entire way home.

Literally kicking and screaming, he was practically pulled (I had to hold his wrist because he was trying to run off) home. Everyone looking at me like I was a rotten mother (although I did get a few sympathetic looks) the entire way.

I have to walk past the hospital on my way home. At this point Julin decided to yell out "You're not my mommy and I dont like you" at the top of his lungs.. Drawing much attention my way. I don't look like a criminal by any means, but at this point I am clearly seeing red and may have (to a non parental eye) appeared to be a kidnapper. I had three people come up to me and try to take my child away. Telling me what a horrible person I am for treating a child like this. They called security at the hospital. I was taken into the hospital where a security guard separated Julin and I, gave Julin a lollipop and a hotdog (I do not allow my child to eat that shit) and the proceeded to give me the third degree.

Guard: "where did you find this child"
Me: "Well sir, he was conceived in Florida and born in new hampshire. I first met him when he was born nearly 5 years ago.
Guard: "You'd do best to be honest, the police are on their way.
ME: "That is my son sir, there are 35 people sitting in a church basement less than a mile away that will contest to it.
Why don't you ask him?"
Guard: "you are not old enough to have a 5 year old.
ME: "Here is my liscence.
I'm 26, he was born when I was 21"

Julin: "Where's my mommy? Can you ask her if i can have another hotdog.
Guard: We're trying to find out where your mommy is.
Can you tell us where your mommy is?" 
Julin: "She's right over there with the Police officer.

Guard: "There seems to have been a misunderstanding.
He is telling us you are his mother"
Me: "you think? why would I want to drag a child that is not mine halfway across town kicking and screaming? If I were going to kidnap a child don't you think i'd grab one that didn't behave like this?"
Guard: "There's no need to get worked up miss. Just a simple misunderstanding.
Me: "SIMPLE!?!?!?! Tell me how you would react if you were accused of what I was just accused of.

Guard: "Well I don't have children, so I wouldn't be walking around with a child. Maybe if you don't know how to control your child you shouldn't have one.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

children have temper fits. Even the best behaved children have fits now and then. It happens. I was bringing my child home because he was having a fit. That's what you're suppose to do as a parent. Discipline your child when they misbehave. In my case, I had to bring him home and put him in bed with no snack, no story, no TV. The only problem is I had to get there first.

What right did that guard have to tell me I shouldn't have a child? He should have been apologizing to me for making the accusation he did. I was insulted and humiliated. And Julin, got a lollipop and a hotdog out of the deal.

I am now starting to understand what my parents meant when they told me I was giving them grey hair.


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