I tried talking to my son today regarding seeing my grand daughter.  He tells me again, the GF doesn't want me to see the baby because I have anxiety and I'm on medication.  Her whole family see's that child everday and they take the baby to her family's homes weekly so everyone can see her, but she won't allow the baby to come over to my home.  She thinks that I'm some sort of threat to the baby because of having anxiety and I'm angry.

I've given up any hope of watching this child grow up or even watching her take her first steps.  They have gone out of their way to make me feel like crap and to make me feel that I'm a horrible person.  My wife goes to their home to see the baby and the whole family treats her terribly because of me. 

I'm so angry right now I could throw my laptop against the wall.  What the hell have I done to deserve to be treated this way?  I have done nothing, I have stood by my son through a lot of hard times and bailed him out of many different things.  He has grown to become a good young man, but doesn't have the balls to stand up to his GF regarding his family.  He is the babies father he needs to stand up to her, but he won't.  That makes me feel more like crap. 

I'm sorry I had to vent, I had to get this off my chest.  I'm so angry about this that I feel I could explode.  I hate having anxiety and I hate having to stay at home all the time because of it.  All I want is my life back and to spend time with my grand daughter, but that is just to much to ask. 

My life right now really sucks!  I hate living this way I hate this all.


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  1. NoGoodReason 12 years ago

    My advice is that you have some patience and stop telling everyone you are on medication; its is none of their business and many peoplke cannot hendle the news and don;t take the time to understand it. My family and my wife's family just could NOT handle this information, so I do not broadcast it; I just do my best to ensure that I only talk about it to people I can trust.

    Now, how do you dig out of this? Sorry, you and your wife havge to lie to them. Set yourself a timeline of a month and tell them you are feeling better, then much better, then that you are off of meds. Undo the truth you have told.

    Make sure your behavior is well controlled and you "act perfectly" in any interaction with these folks; it's hard to belive this is only about you taking meds; are they worried about how you act? If so, get it together during those short visits when they occur.

    It's sad, and it sucks, it's unafir and prejudicial, but you can't change it in any other manner; if its means alot to you to see this grandchild, then you have to do whatever it takes.

    GOOD LUCK.  



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