Ok so i have never written one of these before but here it goes…


So i have been trying to do an assignment for uni all week and i have been struggling to get over the barrier of anxiety and just do it. I asked a friend to help me, just to look though my references, not a long list, they said they would but they never got round to it. So what do i do, i just keep putting it off, i try and speak to my friends about it but they just dont understand about anxiety and while try and say comforting stuff and it will just make me frustrated!


So it gets to friday and i go to the library and try to get stuff done, i do make some progress and i start feeling positive, that is till i try to sleep, four hours later im still not asleep. Now u should know i have got sleeping tablets, but am only meant to take they on bad days, this was a bad day. However i keep them in my housemates room cause i dont trust myself not to get anxious about sleeping and just take them anyways. Unfortunatly this particular housemate has gone home for the weekend so i cant get to them.


I get a bad nights sleep, dont get up when im meant to, fall behind in doing my work and 4pm comes round and i have done jack shit. So one of my friends suggest i go work at hers, change of secery and all that. I do actually get some work done but everytime i really get into it she talks so me, so lets only call this day a half fail. But again little sleep!


So it gets to today (sunday) i again cant get up easily cause i soo tired and by the time ive eaten its 2pm, now i really do try to work im at my desk, im ready and i actually do get quite a bit done, but then i make the mistake of looking at the time, see its getting late and start to panic. So i take a break and have dinner. Afterwards i end up procrastinating and not get any done.


Its now 1.15am and im sitting at my laptop after trying to talk to a friend who just doesnt get it, i then tried to talk to a friend with anxiety but they were offline and that when i decided to look for a chatroom and stumbled apon this site. I have now been talking to other people and actually getting calmer, for now.


So this is how i ended up here

  1. triggered 11 years ago

    Welcome to the tribe. 🙂
    Very glad you were able to find people to help settle you some.

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