Gosh, I wonder what I'd do without Caos in my life…it seems its always been a part of it… Like today,,,I got up and took my daughter in law to work, then came home to find my granddaughter Gracie had conviently missed the bus…I was bone tired and needed a bath, cause I was so tired yesterday, I didnt have the strength to take one…lol …So I need a shower, but the hot water is turned off because it likes to run,,,so I figure out how to turn that on and let it warm up,,,then I can't cut it on, cause Tonjia ( daughter in law) had pounded it off with my yard tool…so i go to find that, and it has majikally disappeared…Lord!!! So I ask Gracie has she seen it….course she has…so she goes to get it out of the yard…apparently the dog was tangled so she tried to cut her loose with my tool…( Thats my girl…Gracie is Special…she is mentally challenged, but I have taught her so much, she just tries to fix things on her …Bless her heart…lol) So I finally got the tool,,,beat the faucet on…got my shower…found out Lisa invited me to chat…then in comes Layne, he's the youngest… oh hell, we have got to make a call to his friend right away…( he's never had a phone number to call) but no one is there…he tells me Yancy has invited him to spend the night…so we truck on down the road, I go meet his nana,,,but she tells me they have no room for guests…lol …Isnt that just like young uns? LOL Im used to it…on we go to the house…and get out,,,and the dog is raisin' hell…and it is hot as a MF out here today…so off to untangle her…really hard to do while she's jumping all over me knockin' me down.. Crap, I step right in a freakin' ant mound, now i'm cussin' up a storm…got her untangled, tried several different spots to put her all with the same result,,,tangled  ,,dumped out water…now Im having too much fun…in the middle of all this, my son pokes his head out my travel trailer…( he's not even supposed to be here, cause Tonjia kicked him out( drinkin') he's been hiding there for a few days…so anyway he's tryin' to give me directions on how to tie up a dog…( do i really have dumbass written on my forehead??? Sometimes I really got to wonder…so where was I ?…Okay, got all the critters fixed up..Gracie runs off to play next door…Layne comes in griping about Ty hijacking the x-box to his friends house,,,Oh Honey, what will we do now…Lord, please cant we just watch cartoons??? oh hell no…its time to pitch a fit on grandma about how unfair the world is…(Like I don't know…lol) no time for a fit to be pitched…Tonjia's just called, got to go pick her up…and she is so mad when i get there she could spit nails…someone just had to piss her off…and of course she is out of weed,,,we go by to get some, no one is there,,,so we have a panic attack about never runnin' out of weed again…lol yeah right…go buy the drug store to pick up my meds, (been out 3 days cause it costs too much to drive to where they were…had them transferred closer…when we get to the house she tells me she's calling the guy she met on line (calif) and telling him to come and get us…now,,,this gives me a whole new set of problems…and ya know …I am just too damn tired to give a damn….So, that was a day in the life of Cindy's Caos….and let me tell you,,,the hits just keep on comin'… thanks for reading about my crazy day…Love Ya'll

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