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Can\'t sleep. Might be from eating 13 reese peanut butter cups. Idk


I\'ve been working at Walmart for 1 year now. The first two weeks I started, it was kind of hell, because it was a new experience for me, being around a ton of people all day, etc etc. The anxiety was really bad, especially when I had a bunch of customers coming up to me and asking me questions I didn\'t have an answer to.

Fast foward one year:

I pretty much know everyone who works there now, know how the entire store operates, know where everything is so I\'m always able to answer questions from customers, love all of my bosses. Nine months into my job, I was promoted to a job I don\'t like too much.

I didn\'t want to take the job, but the store manager sat me down and had a talk to me, and I was convinced to do it.

How he convinced me was that he told me how important of a job it was, and how much it would get me noticed by the company, and how fast I could climb the ladder. Every single one of my bosses at one point or another have sat me down and talked to me about my plans for my future.

Now, the dilemna I\'m having is this. My dad works in Alberta, making an insane amount of money, working 12 hour shifts. This December, I can go up with him and get a job as a general labourer, making roughly 3 times as much as I\'m making at Walmart.

And, in addition to the good money, it would be a great experience for me. I\'ve never been on a plane or out of my province.

But, if I do go up with him, all of the hard work and stuff I\'ve done at Walmart will have just gone out the window.

I have given some serious though about spending the rest of my life at Walmart. I\'m comfortable there, like the people I work with, and if I keep at it for a few more years, I would be making pretty good money

But, it\'s still Walmart. Retail. Not exactly the must luxiourious job out there. If I change my mind and decide to go to university however, if I\'m making a ton of money in Alberta, I won\'t have to worry about paying my way. I\'ll have all the money saved up to go anywhere I would want.

And the way anxiety ties into this: Anxiety is 50% of the reason I can\'t go to university even if I wanted to, because it would be way too terrifying being around that many people of my age. If I do stay at walmart, I can have a good career after a few years, and not have to worry about anxiety.


Yeah. Idk what to do

I am kind of leaning towards staying at Walmart though


  1. Chantale 9 years ago

    Hi there,

    I have had the same experience and decisions to make. I have been working for a wonderful agency for almost 24 years. I love my job but I struggle with how things are run. I have been offered other opportunities because our agency is well known in the community. I had a breakdown almost a year ago and had to take a three month leave to get my bearings together. I am still in the process of trying to decide if leaving would be the right decision or if staying in the comfort of knowing my job inside and out is the best option. So I know what you are going through…it\'s a tough decision but with time, the answers will come. I wish you all the best and much success. Take care.

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  2. Mo 9 years ago

    I think you will make the best decision for yourself. you have started a pros and cons list ; that is good.

    Keep in mind; almost every college has special services for people with mental health diagnosis (or any disability) such as an anxiety disorder.(they do here in the USA anyway) They can assist you with all sorts of things while you are in college. You might want to see if the college you are interested in offers any services.

    I wish you the best with your desision…take your time. It\'s a big one and you can ALWAYS change your mind later!

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  3. bigtruck9449 9 years ago

    Do what your mind and heart tells you. Sounds like from the statement \”I am kind of leaning towards staying at Walmart though\” that you already kind of have your question answered. If you feel comfortable at walmart, stay there. But remember this quote \”You do not want to wonder later in life what it would have been like if you would have taken that one chance\” – I kind of just made that up lol. Take your time and really think about each one and go with the one that you feel more comfortable with. It ia understandable if you have some fears about the other job. But, don\'t let them get in the way of trying it. Like I said before, at least I think I did lol, if you are comfortable and want to make a career out of walmart, do it. Don\'t let anybody talk you out of it. Just remember, do what you want!

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  4. Sawyer25 9 years ago

    you guys are awesome
    thanks for the feedback

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