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Last night was a full moon, and I have started a little tradition this year. Every full moon I look back and reminder what went good and what did not since the last full moon.


The last full moon I was in a hotel looking out over the town. The purpose for that trip was to visit my grand parents. Rumor had it that my grandpa wasn\'t doing so good, so I went over to see what was up. He was fine, and we got to visit for a while. He\'s a tough \'ol wolf and does not give up easily, even when it comes to cancer. You don\'t know this, but I missed out on an awesome concert to be there…I don\'t regret that decision though, family comes first sometimes.


Since that FM, I have…

  • Been on a boat with a friend who is afraid of the water. That was interesting and even her family wants to know how I managed to get her on there. \"\"
  • Held my ground with co-workers who have walked all over me in the past.
  • Kept my job (Hey, the little things count too)
  • Changed the tires on my car (much safer now)
  • Trimmed my dogs nails
  • Cleaned up around this place
  • Backed up my computer (Have you backed up lately? No…best to put that on your to-do-soon list)
  • Improved my attitude by choosing to be happy (I know, not always a choice that can be made, but at times we do have that choice).
  • Enjoyed the summer time (I don\'t always stop to feel the sun or smell the roses)
  • Grilled a chicken, hamburger, hot dogs, little round steaks (ahhh, summer grilling time, so nice)
  • Fixed some issues on my computer which have been festering in it for a while.
  • Crossed off many things on my imaginary to-do list which have been on there for up to two years


So, I would have to declare this last lunar cycle a success. If I was to give it a grade, it would be an A for work and a B- for personal. The B- is because I only really started intentionally going after the personal things in the last two weeks.

Now, the second part of the FM event is to decide what I could do better and pledge to make it so. Last night I wrote down personal items on a list to be completed by the next FM. I\'m not sure I will actually look at the list again, but just the act of writing them down means over 50% will get down. Why? Because that is how my brain works…give it a job and it just makes things happen.


I have one more high priority task, and that is to clear off my medition area. It has some how become cluttered and that can not be. Nothing major though, it\'s already 70% cleaned and the other 30% will be easy.


Why am I telling you all this? First, I\'m not telling you…I am telling future me. Second, I\'m posting it here in case it might help someone in some small way. Simple rituals are sometimes a good thing to have in a world where everything can easily turn to shit.


All blessings be baby


LostWolf is out of here



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