Yesterday started off rather dreary & ho-hum. Was awake at 3am and gave up about 20 minutes later. Never did go walk as I was tired by the time it was time to get ready for work. Work was crazy since my dr decided that he had an ear infection or something going on and he made SUCH a big deal about it.

Left work thinking I wasn't sure I wanted to go home (not that I had anywhere else to go) only to find a txt from J telling me the kids had a bad lice problem. *groans* Not again. We've had to deal with it several times in the past.

Home I go and am immediatly greated with the 11 & 15 yr old girls upset because they don't want to have to cut their hair and a saddened 13 yr old because others supposedly have blamed her for bringing it into the house. (she has a friend that seems to have it all the time)

J had already started stripping rooms of curtains, bedding & whatnot. He'd treated a few kids so I started combing thru hair to get the creepy crawlies out whilest attempting to have a discussion with the 2 that had the longest hair about getting it cut to their shoulders. Good lord you would have thought I was trying to get them to shave their heads.

I pondered shaving mine. I have thought about it before. Wondered what I'd look like. Wondered how much grey is in it. Have colored it for a long time so I usually avoid seeing it.

Got the girls to get theirs to their shoulders and then J shaved my head. 🙂 For some reason, it made me feel better. I didn't have to worry about putting the crap in & combing it out. More like a short buzz cut than actually shaved. And I don't have a bad looking dome. Maybe with all the craziness running around in my head, I needed a little relief?

Didn't get to bed til 9 with all the goings on. Woke about 2:30 this morning but managed to get back to sleep for another hour. Golf tonight so I don't know that I'll be able to go to bed too early.

I have a dr's appt a week from Friday with my "new" general practitioner. The dr I had followed her dr husband to Florida. Now I'm going to feel like I'm starting over. Don't like doing that, but not much else I can do. Luckily, if I don't like her, there are a few others in that particular office that I could chose from.

Have thought lately about counseling/therapy/something. Unfortunately with our insurance, the co-pay is still $40 and if I "need" to go weekly….we can't afford that. So for now…this shall be my cheap therapy. It's at least an avenue to ramble and get things out of my system.

J probably knows that there's stuff rambling around in my head, but he hasn't been pushy. I know last week on our way to golf he asked me if something was wrong and would I tell him if there were. I said eventually. One thing that's been bothering me lately has been the seeming lack of closeness between the two of us. Hard with all the kids we have around. However, I did tell him at some point, early last week that I wanted a date night. We went out to dinner last Thursday after I had weigh-in. Then it was Walmart and home. Not big excitement, but it was something. And since I mentioned something, we have spent a bit of time in the evening, sitting side-by-side while watching TV before I go off to bed. I tend to be the early to bed early to rise, and he's more of a stay up late and sleep in kind.

Baby steps. And I keep telling myself that perhaps things will settle down once the "extra" foster kids go back home. 10 days. Then we'll see what happens.

Alas, tis time for me to get off my kester and get moving. I am determined to get out and walk this morning before work.

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  1. snowdreamer 10 years ago

    You are such a strong woman and I so respect what you've been doing with the kids and so.  I'm glad you and your husband have been taking time for each other as that is sooo important you are each others support.  Anyway just wanted to say I really think  you are something else with all you do…..keep it up and stay strong things will get better soon……

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