Well, yesterday STARTED with a lot of hopefulness for my mood, but it died pretty quickly. I started feeling really sad and after doing the absolutely necessary things I retired to my couch and just laid there again, watching the ceiling, that same troublesome spot that always catches my eye. Zachary was really frustrated with me because I wouldn't spend time coloring or drawing with him, but I just couldn't. I explained it to him that I was having one of my "very sad days" and just didn't feel up to doing anything. Some Mom I am.

When I finally got up from the couch Aaron had been home 2 hours already and it was time to go do our exercising. I was really dragging but I went, knowing it would probably help me feel like I accomplished something at least. I was proud of myself because I did almost 2 miles this time. Then afterwards a cool-down walk and played doubles tennis with our friends. We had so much fun and it felt good to laugh and give each other grief about how much we all sucked at it. During all of this Heidi and Zach rode bikes and played at the playground, then tried their own version of tennis. It was pretty cute.

Today I'm doing better even though I had another night of poor sleep. I keep waking early in the morning hours and immediately move upstairs to the couch because it seems to be the one place I get really good sleep. I also feel safe there, although I don't know why. Again it took me quite awhile to fall back to sleep, but when I did I slept well.

We've done a lot of running around and spending money today (with my husband's thumbs up and requests) on exercise clothing and racquets for the three of us. Those alone cost us about $50, and that was for the cheap ones! But at least we'll be able to play tennis even if Michelle and Mike can't come. And there's a closer tennis court with a playground just up the street on the days that they can't go. It just doesn't have the really nice shady jogging path ~ which stinks. So maybe we'll just stick with the other place anyhow.

After we got back I did 2 loads of laundry ( I have to have clean work clothes for tomorrow) and then Zachary and I played with playdoh for quite awhile. I made a minion (those little yellow guys) and he made a sailboat. They both turned out pretty good. I fed him lunch, fed the birds, let the bunny out and now I feel guilt free about taking a nap shortly. I still have to unload the dishwasher but that can wait until a little bit later ~ or Aaron can do it. That's a chore we share.

This afternoon we go back for day 3 of walking and tennis, and now the kids can play on the other court because Zach has his own racquet. So they don't have to wait for us to quit to play on their own.

I guess that's it from me today. I'm already starting to feel a little healthier and better about myself. Still not looking forward to work tomorrow, but that's tomorrow. Just going to try and enjoy the rest of the day today.


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