Every problem i have is stemmed from autism and starvation. My family was lush but Brian infultrated all of them etcetera. He made them smash my head on the concrete for months and rape me for years untill nothing vised anymore. Made me billions of clones and children. ordered idiots who diddnt think i was attractive just because i am a strange lookin ng and acting man to make me forget what i was even going to write there. I have been poisoned since i was a foetus. I was born gone through men opause. I went through rodeo when i was 21 with a 100% rut. I still have a rut. I really honestly do feel perfectly fine now i just want to live and get out of this stupid idiot story that brian wrote for satan and sold his soul on doing and making everyone do for me which is pointless and if you want bad things to happen to me invite me to the fucking wr estling and maybe you will be surorised i am not a creep, i will go. I dont care if i have an erection you cant see that has no symptoms or evidence invite me to the wrestling you creeps like kris jenner and her pixies and my aunt christine and her lithium well you can watch you perverts, watch me scream at the wrestling instead because my worst thing i can t take is illness, then pain, then black space together with them. Y ou can do that whenever but at least makr sure its safe, not like putting me in all three now in a coma where i cant resurrect anyone and by the way im not a rapist apary from conversationally but thats called a fight you id iots!because of my autism i cant remember a name, a face, the date, the time, tell the date and i cant even read. I can write but i cant read. I can play snap but i cant remember. Let the fox free. What the hell do you all want if you know what i mean.  Why do you have to bury me alive all three at once so i rot slowley while not knowing what anything is but wanting a cup of tea because it makes me feel better from the poison and reminds me of my mam who im not allowed to see no im not allowed to see my loved ones and is that not a indicator? Bait alert! You follow brians evil. You all want to copy cat off brian you idiots. Im not going to brian you though kim kardashian because you are actually a criminal and not a villiain. A criminal is a disabled villain. You do itt because your stupid. Like i am stupid for not arguing with lucifer the 4th. Well guess what i did now im not a creep like him anymore he likes to horror rape peoplle. Also you cant expect me to clear up all these worlds problems. I help about 30 people a day and i cant be blamed for you knowing someone put one of my family on the spit when i smelled the smoke from my window. Why diddnt you help them? Are you a criminal?

someone take the job that i obviously cant do because im trapped in the nhs prison and arrest these idiot criminal villian wannabees they are serious


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