my uh dad is kinda an asshole.

like , he is the rudest human to ever exist. idk why am i even typing this but yea. i really wanna.


i want us to walk on parallel paths, and yk never interact. all he knows is to scold but never appreciate or encourage.

my test results came out today. its actually fucked. like fucked. but the yk why? cuz my mental health is fucked. yk why? cuz my dad’s an asshole


like i dont remember him encouraging me EVER. its so pathetic istg. when i got selected for my swimming nationals everyone encouraged me. but not him.

acc to him , it was a burden


he is always like “you are never gonna succeed if you continue this way.” then bitch , if you succeeded then why aint we living in a lavish ass house. like YOU know how to fuckin blame others and state you as the idk BEST human ever. you fuckin moron.


i hate him. genuinely. but then i dont want him to die. cuz he is literally my father after all, i get the fuckin X chromosome from him. but then i do want him to be parallel to me.


never interact.


thanks for readin. its just a rant sorta.

love  , r


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