I can’t remember the words

I was born a choker.


I’m just a grenade

Throw me far away.




Too late






Dream-world fantasies

Tortured symphonies

I’m suffocating


So I grab your hand

But I slip through

I’m passing through empty air

Were you ever there?


Now it’s just me and the darkness.


A hand brushes my throat

And I scream silently


No one can hear anything.


I don’t care if you’re real anymore.

Between reality and dreams is a swinging door.


I’m tired of screaming up here

But I will keep throwing my flares.


Anything to get out of the darkness.


I don’t want to hide, I want to be free

Jump off of a cliff and hope you catch me.


If a lifeline of hope dropped down to me

I could wait for the room to stop spinning.



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