I work with some people. I will try to make this objective.

Coworker 1- has been working in his position for almost a year. 11 months to be exact. constantly asks the same questions like what forms needed in order to whatever. when he’s around he asks me or anybody nearby a question every 5 minutes. Maybe I learned this the hard way so I might be sounding harsh but I now go out of my way to study these things inside out and know exactly what to do and if I don’t then who to go to to at least accomplish something. when i ask somebody something, it’s going to need somebody’s help because they are the higher level and have that access. just need to reiterate the person’s been there almost a year. he also needs me to stop what i’m doing if he has a computer issue. usually all i have to do is push a few keys, a click here, click there, restart computer, etc. it usually takes a few seconds to fix the issue. i show contempt in my body language often whenever this happens. yet, now i realize the person never will learn on their own to fix these issues because that’s who they are. got annoyed just now because i had just walked in, hungry with my lunch about to take a bite when before i get a chance to sit down the printer isn’t working. the guy could have scooted over to the next computer. what get to me because what i would have wanted is he just try another computer and simply tell me there’s an issue and needs reconnecting or he learn from previous experience and reset computer. that would have been less annoying. is he just bad with common sense?


A lot of people I work with are like this. bad with computers, and been there a long time and haven’t learned basic forms and months later find out how to do something they should have already learned.


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  1. quiet1 4 years ago

    I work in IT and sometimes do find people who are bad with computers. Yes, I too would be annoyed if someone asked me the same question over and over again. Have you tried drafting a simple document the coworker could follow?

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