Are you a lover or a fighter. A hopeless romantic too afraid to look for love in the fear of rejection. A person who cares not for others opinions but also wants desperately to be seen, recognized and fought for as he does others.

A light in the dark he may be. But only few ever see. His star in the distance, fighting to shine bright, but too far away is the light in need.

Am I alone or just lonely. A crowd full of people yet I feel as if I’m the only one there. Some say your wrong, your fake, you seek only for face. But what is my fate if I can only help those who don’t deserve it.. Those who I supported and aided. Let take advantage of me if necessary to aid them, disappointed my instinct of aid and wrought down from the pedestal my commitment to help. Who protects the protectors from those that they must watch?

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  1. aloe7072 4 years ago

    I loved this so much thank you for sharing

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