I don’t even feel like writing this cause what’s the point… Like nothing is going to change.. My pain is only getting worst, but no one seems to understand that. Maybe I am typing in Chinese and no one can read it, but shit is not getting better. It is getting worst and I am tired of complaining on here and trying to fix it irl and everything is only getting worst. People want me to keep going but my DUMBASS LISTENING TO PPL WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL I AM GOING THRU…. Are making me suffer more to wait and wait and wait for one day to be happy while I watch other ppl happy like. Wtf I don’t even feel like explaining my pain but I’m done I will prob be taking a break from here pretty soon honestly cause ppl on here don’t understand, they care but I don’t know how to explain the pain I am  going thru. It’s something u need to experience only for a day cause anymore than that would just drive you to this point where I am tbh… It’s too much for one human to bear and since I cant seem to find love irl and must wait years to experience it idk what the fuck I am going to do in the meantime, so I hear Satin calling me I guess it’s time to go.



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    Please message me

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