Well. I passed the last set of finals and the diploma has arrived in the mail. Graduation walk will happen in june along with the Grad show exhibition.A few weeks passed and I ended up signing up for a 1 credit class so as not to be completely done. I only have to show up once a week so for the most part its lots of rest and relaxation. Quite the way to slip back into retirement.

Not quite sure how I feel now that the Degree has been finished, but I guess that is to be expected. Darwin Cat is happier than ever now that Daddy is home most days. Although I must confess I'm already getting bored with retirement again. Thinking about either going and getting a job OR going back to college and getting another degree. Both Business Management and the PA route seem like good degrees. If I go the PA route at least most of my service college credits will count. (Finally) Then again. who knows. LOL. The economy is still just as bad (if not worse) than it was the day I came home from the service. But then again it's something to wonder about. Not sure about everyone else but I'll just keep sipping the coffee with an arched eyebrow when asked about politics or economics. It does seem that everyone these days has an opinion. But the coffee cup is always of the same opinion. More coffee and it had better be black. LOL

Violin studies are progressing well. As humor should have it I'm actually studying Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 First and Second Movementsfor violin 1. Although I'd rather be learning Caprice no. 24 in A minor. But without a proper transitional bow (matching the proper bow to the music is actually very important) i'll have to hold off. It will take quite some time to save up for a well made transitional bow. But a couple of years of saving will be worth it. Until then I'll have to be more than content to continue the violin studies under Maestro Benton. (great violin teacher. 🙂 )

In other news It's time to hit the rack. Sending hugs to everyone. 🙂 Love ya all! 🙂


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