So they two year mark of my best friends suicide passed about 16 days ago. I was with a friend and brought over some cake and soda because we usually just kinda eat and drink and watch a bunch of tv. Which we did and she had bought some things too. But in the course of 2 days she went through an entire pack of cigarets… She’s a 16 year old girl honestly I’m worried about her. I talked to my boyfriend about it because they had been friends before I started dating him and me and him got in a fight over it because he assumed I did it with her which I didn’t I don’t want to be like that… After that whole thing happened me and my boyfriend got into fight after fight after fight because we don’t get to see each other very much and it really sucks… We fight pretty much every time we talk online… In person we are fine though… Ig I ‘m going to have to try to figure out how to fix that whole thing on my own but if anyone has tips on either of those situations please lemme know. But moving on to another problem… I got into a huge fight with one of my closest guy friends because him and his friend got wasted and his friend is now screwing with my friends life trying to manipulate her into being with him again after he has left out of no where 5+ times. She has a boyfriend that she fought for for 3 or 4 months and she lied to me saying she isn’y having any second thoughts and she doesn’t want to be with Dylan but she told the guy I was fighting with that she’s probably going to dump kurt and it just pisses me off and she sat there and continued to dis me to the guy forgetting she had given me her password to facebook… Sure snooping was wrong but so is lying to my face all weekend… and the entire 9 almost 10 years we’ve been friends… This girl never stops lying it pisses me off but I can’t just drop almost 10 years! I purposely made other arrangements this weekend just so I can take a break and cool off from her… I’ll end up talking to her sometime but hopefully it’s when I’m calm.I’m done ranting that’s not all but I can’t type much more I’m in school right now so I don’t really have time…

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  1. sapphirerose 5 years ago

    I am so sorry about this that is terrible. That is all I can say sorry.

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