I will not cry.

God is love,

God is kind,

This he gave,

Light I find.

Yes It is true,

I hate having you.

You hellish blight, you keep love far.

A tiny light, like heaven’s star.

There they shine,

Here I watch,

Never mine,

Never touch.

It pains me deep,

This hurt I keep.

A speck of light, to find true love.

A mate for life, I’ll never have.

Then you came,

Stroke of luck,

Quick you claim,

This love struck.

Why must I fall,

Why must you thrall,

In binding words, of love and all.

Your fear that wards, keeps you appall.

God is gracious.

You He gave.

You’re precious.

I, you save.

Please do not fear,

My heart, please hear,

You’re words of love, I will hold dear.

Apart we are, together, here.


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