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The following informational message is from Dennis McCauley, Bucks CCC Director of Security & Safety:


Shortly before 11:00 A.M. on Tuesday, August 31st, several students were startled by the site of a man clad completely in black (including mask) walking through the 3rd floor of Founder's Hall.


Upon receiving a call from a faculty member, Security responded immediately and initiated a search of campus. The individual in question, no longer clad in the black outfit, was located in Gateway near the Library less than 30 minutes later. The 26-year old man was determined to be a former Bucks CCC student who admitted to playing a prank.


Based upon a thorough investigation by Security and the Newtown Township Police, it has been determined that students were not in danger at any point during this incident. However, because the prank was frightening to some students as well as disruptive, the Newtown Police have filed Disorderly Conduct charges against the individual. Additional administrative steps are also being taken.


Here at Bucks County Community College, the safety of our students is of paramount importance. For more information on Bucks CCC resources dedicated to keeping students safe, please see the Security & Safety webpage at http://www.bucks.edu/life/security/index.php.

I don't find this at all funny as this man is trying to play it off as a prank . I remember that day , I was sitting behind Founders Hall  waiting for my next lab . People just don't know the impact that this has on others .


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