Well this crazy crap has started with my brother having stomach cancer and being in stage3.  His daughter Danielle found me on face book.  She helped get my brother Carl and myself back talking to each other as he pissed me off years ago by saying stupid things about AIDS.   Now the problem is I really thought my brother was in alot of pain as he was calling me and begging me to help him out.   So Imy husbvand felt sorry for my brother and mailed him 3 bottles of methadone along with some pain patches which that was the first part of this month.  Hell not even two weeks had gone by then my brother calls me up wanting to see if he could get more methadone.  I told him do you realize how many I sent to you like 270 pills.  I have a nurse friend and she told me that my brother was either over dosing or selling them.  I think he was selling them.  To make a long story short.  I had a talk with my dad and told him what had  happened with methadone and all.  My neice Danielle as it turns out is a con artist on her own.  She was going out conning people to get drugs and claiming she was getting themfor her dad when I heard they were for her.  My neice is totally angry with me and she knew I had talked to my dad about my brother and Danielle seemed like it was alright.  It wasnt until my other brother Chris looked her up today and had a few words with her.  Now Danielle sent me a message tellimg me she feels I lied to her and doesnt want me to contact her or her father.  I have no idea of how I can make my neice understand that I was concerned about my brother and trying to get him help.  Doesnt mean I dont love my brother.    Maybe in time Danielle will come to understand everything better.   Im concerned that my neice will eventually go to jail for herself as she will be out hustling for drugs by going to jail she will loose her son.  The sad part is she will lie to protect her dad.

Part of me feels like it is all my fault because I said something to my dad..  But on the other hand  I would love to see my brother clean up his act and be clean from drugs for once in his life  where the ones who love him arent worrying if he will be going back to jail this time around


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