Well first I want to say that I would have put "Angry" for my mood but I\’ve pretty much worked thorough that…However I am still angry about the subject that follows:

For those of you who are familiar with me, I started meds last summer and after a pretty rough first two months it has been relativly smooth sailing.

My only problems have been the result of the series of mistakes and huge gaffs that my drs office has made…

Just as soon as I was strong enough, I dealt with that rude nurse that had made the rude comments about my body as i was unclothed for an exam…I probably could have gotten her fired, but i didn\’t really want anyone to lose their job in this economic situation the country is in…Several of my friends told me that I really should have made a bigger stink even though I did get her written up by the office manager….

Since then, I went throuhg CONSTANT mistakes from the little half-assed pharmacy that is connected with that doctors office….You might think that since all they had to do is walk down a hall to renew a perscription or a prior-approval that it would be fool proof…..NOT….They made mistekes on my meds and perscriptions each end every time. I  was only half-joing when i told them that " If I was a diabetic, you clows would have killed me a long time ago!"…….Oh Im sorry Mr. Loki…..was that insulin you were supposee to have LAST WEEK?"   you get the picture…

Thanks to the nudging and then pushing and finally badgering from a good friend of mine who is a nurse in a hospital, I finally switched my perscriptions to Wallgreens…..guess what?  No mix -ups for the last two months! Who-HOO!

Happy ending right?…WRONG

When my beloved doctor left this ollective of doctors a bit over a year ago to take a research position, I was given a choice of either choosing another psysician from the office, or going with a nurse practicioner….

I decidied to go with the nurse practitioner for the time being untill I could decide on a doctor that I felt good about. Well I fell into a comfortable rut with this nurse and i figgured that as long as things were starus quo, why rock the boat, right?

WELL….I went in for my  chekcup and bloodwork earlier this month (April 14th)…Since my bloodwork has read "undetectable" for the Viral Load and my t4-cells have gone up each month, they decided to lengthen my leash and let me go TWO months without a checkup….this was for the lirst time in several years! So I went thru FEB and March without having to jump through anymore hoopes ohter than calling the pharmacy and making sure that the doctors office hadn\’t messed up my perscriptions….well of course they did, but I considered that small pototoes and certailn not Wallgrees fault….I mean, if they couldn\’t get it right by walking down a hall to a little pharmacy, it stood to reason that they would screw up the communications w
ith my NEW pharmacy….

I waited a week after my last checkup & bloodwork , called the Drs. office and left a message on the nurses voice mail that I was clling for my labs…A week is the usual waiting time here for the lab results, and I think that is reasonable…Well they called back to tell me that my VL had spiked…..gone form undetectable to 13,000 and that my t-cells had plunged….they told me that they wanted me to come in immedialty for another blood draw….nice….I decided to not hit the panice button and wait another week if not more because what kind of a huge difference could a few days make? It just didn\’t make sense to me…and why whre they ALL in a panic to do the labs over? Humm,,,,

Well yesterday I got THREE voicemails from the doctors office….saying  that it was VEY urgent that I call them back because:

1: a perscription that my nurse practitioner has put his signature on for Ritalin….is not valid because it is a #2 controlled substance and HAS to be signed by a licenced Medical doctor!….DUH ! realllly??  Even I knew that ! That is one reason that I have to carry a hard copy written RX to the pharmacy each and every month to get that perscription renewed!  Oh great! another snag they have managed to create….

2: The nurese practitioner made a "mistke" on the millgram dosage of another perscription….again….nice….but hey! it wasn\’t like it was insulin right?

#3 and here is the KICKER . are you sitting down? SOMEBODY at the doctors office had "mixed up" my lab results with someone elses……Yeah….right….

NOW  I\’m p****d……and on top of that, the voice mail goes on to say : …..so you don\’t need to come in after all to have the labs re-done…."

say WHAAAT? you have got to be joking people! You screwed up my labs with someone elses and now it\’s all OK and I dont need to have them done over? oh HELL NO.

I have got to say that my partner is actually a lot more upset about this than I am….I didn\’t even tell him last night when he got home from work because I knew he wold blow a gasket over it and not get any sleep….Good move on my part because I told him this monring over coffee while he was  getting fir work and he got so mad at these people that he was talking about calling an attorney he knows from the restaurant….yikes.

I mean yes, these people seriously need their chain yanked big time….To put it into perspective: If a restaurant had mad this big a gaff….not to mention a series of mistakes….NOT to mention breaking the law with the perscription shenanagans…..well, they would either be severely penelized OR shut down!

Does anyone know what action I should take? This sort of crap has been going on since my doctor left this place a year and a half ago….I think that I have just gotten used to this shabby treatment as being "business as usual"

I\’m trying to center myslef to go in and deal with these clowns…Wouyld you say that is time for a Come To Jesus meeting with these people? At the very least I am going to talk to the office manager again…She is the one that wrote that other nurse up last summer….

….any suggestions? …Advice?  ….Ammuntiton? lol



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