First and foremost I want to apologize to everyone who has left me messages and thank everyone for sending graphics and notes on my Guestbook .

I recently broke my right wrist last Wednesday night the10 th about 11:00 pm during our last bout of snow and ice . I am finallly getting it casted tomorrow . My insurance isn't accepted by many Doctors so the one and only I finally found as the receptionist said :"I can squeeze you in Thursday the 18 th , @ 1:30 pm , about a week later." I did manage to get to the hospital @5:30 the next morning after it happened . Not  to mention the worst hospital in the world .However I did get it splinted until the casting . 

I want to say Happy "B" Day to the people's birthday I have missed. 

So right now I am typing with one hand [left one ] and using my pointer finger on my right hand . I am in a lot of pain , the vicodan 7.5 aren't even helping me . I have been very antisocial and do send my apologies . 

I also want to thank  mj positive for the heads up on the Ginkgo Biloba , I went to see my I.D. doctor and he said to me that it weakens the effects of my HIV drugs . So I must not take them no longer. THANK YOU MIKE ! 

My lastest counts are cd4 214 which my last cd4 was 341, however my cd8 suppressor is 23% which is very good and I am still undectable . My Doc said not to worry but I might have to add another drug to my cocktail. We will see when my new counts come back .

I am still going to College even with my broken wrist and the pain , I just can't afford to miss class. However  I am finally understanding Algebra and am beginning to like it too. Amazing !!!!!!!!!!! 

I am a very complicated lady and it seems that the more complicated things are , the easier things seem to be for me . HHHHHMMMM ??????

Well my fellow Tribers I am signing off and getting ready to go to sleep , have a big day tomorrow .


LI LI \"\" 


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