Hi, everyone! I hope that everyone is doing well today.

The frozen rain is still coming down outside here  on top of all the snow.   It sounds like marbles are hitting the windows.

I went outside to see how thick the layer of ice is and can’t ever remember it being this extreme without having a loss of electricity! The porch is like a ice rink surface!

Today, I learned that a relative of the man who my daughter almost married passed away from having Covid.   I am not telling her because it could be triggering.  She may of met this person a few times but they never became close.  Her former relationship person didn’t like this person.

The news freaked out my husband who knew this person who is recovering from Covid.

My husband is on week 3 with Covid and has improved from man cold to laying in bed for a week.  He is exhausted but functioning okay this week.

Earlier, I was lighting candles with my hair in a loose bun on the top of my head and it fell out spread out and over the candle while I was lighting a candle.   My hair almost caught on fire! It didn’t.  I am glad I don’t use hair spray or stuff that has alcohol in it my hair! It happened so fast. I smelled a slight burning smell in my hair but it didn’t catch on fire.

When I was seven (and blowing out my birthday candles), my hair caught on fire in the process.   I remember the feeling of the burning feeling spreading up to my ears and a cold drink being dumped on my head to put out the fire.

Does anyone else on this site dislike blue jeans?

I see many people wear them happily and they seem to prefer them to other options.

Are you more or less motivated to make your home space amazing or good enough during really bad weather?

It makes me less motivated.  The house is clean but I don’t want to work on laundry or put my laundry away.

Do you have a electric pressure cooker? If so, do you use something under it? Mine didn’t come with heat resistant pad.   Did yours? If not, what kind do you use under your pressure cooker?

Do you like hot drinks on cold days? What is your favorite hot drink? If you are a coffee or tea drinker, do you add any sweetening products?

I like hot chocolate, mint tea and tangerine tea.

What foods do you like on cold days?

What is your favorite dessert?







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