Happy new year (although I treat new years day like any other normal day at home).

Today is the day I get back to college. I hoped it would be a fresh start but… I had literally 1hr sleep (dear me). Although I was fine this morning.

Somehow I was a little more optimistic than how I normally feel, just talking to my friend about anything as always.

But then, there is this loud girl in my class. Let me tell you a little history about this loud girl and me. One day, she said "Hey Lily, can I be your friend?" now, this is very odd because we've been in the same class for like 1yr and 5 months now and that day she asked that odd question was somewhere in the middle of the recent 5 months. I gave her an okay – and I wished I had been a bit more open because I really wanted to interrogate her out of curiousity. Then an hour later, I had to get up from my seat to the other side of the room to do something. The loud girl got up too and "BAM!" right on my butt cheek… I let out a little scream then I glanced at her with anger. So then she goes "Ah don't worry, you'll get use to it" and in my mind I was thinking "But I don't want to get use to it!" I talked to my friend about this "what do you think she is trying to pull?" my friend replied "Don't know, but don't worry, she's not bullying you or anything like that." End of history (There's more but whatever).

Back to where I was coming from, so today, like I mention is the first day back from the holidays, the loud girl happens to be behind me as I was putting away stuff in the drawers. As I was about to leave… "Heeeey, did you miss me bullying you?" ……I Goddamn gave her a smile and left.

F* her immature a**. She can bully me all she wants… Pffft.

Because I know damn well that I am smart enough to handle this the smart way rather than cry myself to death again.

I know what I'm capable of, I know what she's capable of. Clearly to my knowledge, I am 2 huge steps ahead of her. She can run her little immaturity to her hearts content and at the same time, fail the course. She is one of those students getting the lowest grades and lowest attendance and punctuality out of the entire class. And me? I am the second best in my class and my friend who is the first best. I think of my friend as a competitor and a good friend at the same time. No hard feelings towards her.

I believe that I will rise way above this loud girl. I already am but I will still rise and reach to the tippity top of the hierachy because when I do reach it, nobody will be able to touch me again.


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