Hey guys!

One of my friends from here recently messsaged me asking me to not leave. I admit, I haven't been on here in awhile. It's no ones fault. You probably all understand how it goes. I've been distraced by numerous things and feel overwhelmed. I avoid some things.

For those of you who don't know me (there's tons of memebers here so I don't expect many do:P) I'm a harm OCD-sufferer. I don't drive which is a huge obstacle and prevents me from progressing.

Anyway, life has been going decently. My family life has seemingly improved. My Father, who cheated on my Mother and was being VERY sketchy about it has seemed to become more honest and spending more time with my Mother. But you never know. It will take many years for me and my family to gain his trust. I'm surprised my Mother took him back and tolerated his behaviour. I suppose she remembers the old him, the one she fell in love with. And the old Dad was much better then this sketchbag Dad. He was constantly taking us outs, constantly playing with us, constantly buying us presents and being with us. He never lied. He always protected us. He was loyal.

I suppose my Mom intends to bring that man back. I have to applaud her. Maybe she's foolish — but I think she has good reason to be that way. She's not the only women.

Either way, I'll make an effort to come on more and place in my thoughts. It's good therapy anyway. Feel free to message me or keep me updated.

By the way, my medication has helped a lot. But I think I need a hire dose in order to entirely rid of the OCD symptons. I'm not dwelling on them as much. I'm just hoping they make a drug soon to deal specifically with OCD.

  1. Donnie_Brasco_9 10 years ago

    I have been wondering where you have been. It is great to hear from you.

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  2. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    Wish you well!

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  3. sdluna 10 years ago

    I totally get the avoidance! 

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