June 19

In-Body Experiences

When Mahatma Gandhi was asked, "What do you think of Western civilization?," he answered, "I think it would be a very good idea. "

While discussing the phenomenon of mysterious crop circles, my friend asked, "How do you think it would change life on our planet if extraterrestrials showed up?"

His question evoked another one from me: "How do you think it would change life on the planet if human beings showed up?"

Many people on the spiritual path have spent a great deal of time trying to leave the planet. We are fascinated with near-death experiences, astral travel, transmigration of souls, and many other aspects of nonphysical reality. I am quite interested in all of these phenomena and have gained much from studying them. Yet many of us have become enamored with other worlds at the expense of this one. Yes, God is in the heavens and on the other side of life, but God is also here on earth. When someone asked me what percentage of my friends have had out-of-body experiences, I answered, "I know quite a few people who have yet to have an in-body experience. "

The earth plane is a wonderful classroom to learn and master spiritual principles. Every truth of spirit is observable on earth. My favorite church is nature. As I observe the trees, animals, water, sky, sun, and moon, I find profound evidence of the Creator's majesty. I see God shining through the eyes of my loved ones, and I feel God's love in their embrace. Surely a loving God is not absent on earth, but very present.

Begin to look more closely at the way your body and earth life teach and bless you. The food you eat, the health and energy of your body, and the way your physical world plays out all contain valuable messages for spiritual growth. "On earth as it is in heaven."

Help me to find You everywhere. I open to Your gifts and teachings in my experience.

The spirit of truth speaks to me through all my senses.


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