My grandkids have been sick, and my daughter was reluctant to take my granddaughter at first to the doctor but all my googling finally scared her into it, and we found out my granddaughter had bronchiolitis, at 1 month of age. She had to have breathing treatments every 4 hours with a nebulizer, Well my grandson got sick has been sick for nearly 2 weeks and hasn't eaten in 4 days. Now he can't even hold water down. I was a nag, questioning over and over when are you takng him to the doctor he needs to be seen by a doctor. Well last night My daughter and I got into a screaming match over my grandson. not in front of the kids, she was on my porch I was in my house. She yelled these are my kids why are you so determined to assume the worst? He is not that sick. I yelled back, your kids are my grandkids and you are my kid and all I want is for you to take care of your son like you should. You are not a doctor and googling cures or symptoms is no replacement for an actuaql doctor! She threw my past in my face about being on drugs when she was young and I had no room to talk about taking care of your kids. I lost it, I yelled I know I was fu$ked up when they were kids but the one thing that I made sure of is if they were sick they ALWAYS ALWAYS went to the doctor, I would take them at the first sneeze or cough. She want home, a few minutes later I heard her out side I had calmed down and told her to come here. I told her she is a good mom and I know she is doing her best, I just love my grandkids. She started crying and informed me that they were taking him to the hospital, he wasn't even holding down water. Then she cried and told me she was just afraid to take him in because she is afraid of possibly having to see him hooked up to machines again. So I had a talk with her and told her these are your babies, you have to see past that fear cuz it is your job to make sure they are taken care of and loved and healthy and happy and thats that!! THen she said, Mom when I was little and you were on drugs I always knew you loved me! Well the diagnosis is, he had severe ear infections in both ears that is draining into his stomache and irritating his throat making him cough and making him vomit to the point of not being able to keep anything down. He got antibiotics, motrin, pedialyte, and cough syrup. He should be feeling better within a couple days. Today he held down the pedialyte and the chicken broth and chicken noodle soup. I am glad she finally took him and it only took a screaming match, but whatever works, those are my grandbabies and I will be damned if I am going to stay out if it when it comes to their well being!

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    Apple71 10 years ago

    Thats so terrible isn't it? It should not have to come to that but whatever it takes.

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  2. Author
    darryl62 10 years ago

    glad your getting your grandkids the help they need gotta take care of the next generation you never know who will turn out to be someone important to all of us

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