A Bit Different From The Norm =]
Basic Bullshit.
What's your name?: alyssa jean
Your age would be nice to know.: 20
Are you single or taken?: taken yup
What is your least favorite color?: red
What is the last thing on earth that you would like to do right now?: go outside ha
What clothes are you wearing?: black pj pants, pink tanktop (pj's)
What color is your bedroom?: chocolate brown and light blue and lime
What is your least favorite food?: water chestnuts
What is your favorite food?: sushi…out of control roll at shogun
And your least favorite drink would be…?: milk
In all honesty does myspace take up a great deal of your life?: no
If you could be any age, what would it be?: 14
Are you satisfied with the way you look and act?: nope
Is Bzoink a website that you visit often?: nope
Do you do drugs and/or alcohol on a regular basis?: ha ha ha. i have a blunt in my hand right now.
Do you think you are capable of not eating for 5 days?: yea if it was for some money hell yeah
What food and drink could you live off for the rest of your life?: green tea and sushi
Boys and Girls Are Fun.
Do looks really matter?: not really, no
Does size really matter?: well..sometimes
Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes
If so, how long was that relationship?: the one i'm in 10 months
What is your longest?: this one
What quality do you find most attractive in a boy/girl?: humor
Are you a virgin?: nope
If you are not, do you regret doing it with the person you lost "it" to?: not really, its whatever
If you are a virgin, are you in a rush to not be one anymore?: ….
Is PDA disgusting?: depends on how affectionate
Is there anything that you would change about your significant other?: ha ha. no comment
Do you think you could marry a high school sweetheart?: nope
Would you ever consider having a long distance relationship?: maybe
Long or Short hair?: doesnt matter
Blue eyes or Brown eyes?: doesnt matter
Tan or light skin?: doesnt matter
Looks or Brains?: brains
Words Associations Are The Best!
Orange.: peel
Cell phone.: ringgg!
Break.: out
Music.: score
Samantha.: who?
Love.: lost
Time.: left
Crash.: course
Home.: alone
Animals.: rock
Sleep.: in
Sex.: sure
Death.: day
Long Distance.: far
Winner.: loser
Gold.: member
Goodbye.: Hello
Running.: away
Lie.: true
This or That.
7up or Sprite?: sprite
Coke or Pepsi?: coke zero
Boy or Girl?: boy
Run or Swim?: swim
Drive or Fly?: fly
Ferrari or Corvet?: ferrari
VW or Ford?: VW
Cellular Device or Computer?: computer
Sex or Foreplay?: foreplay
O.C.D or A.D.D?: ADD
Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Friend?: bf
Mom or Dad?: dad
Brother or Sister?: sister
Food or Drink?: drink
Friends Aren't So Fun Sometimes.
Do you have any friends that you cannot depend on?: sure
Do you have a best friend whom you can depend on?: nope
Do you have more male or female friends?: male
Are they crazy or quiet, or both?: quiet mostly crazy
Is your best friend your boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes
Do you sometimes hate your friends?: no
How long is your longest friendship?: well..i dont know
Do you and your friends take myspace pictures together?: no
What do you and your friends normally do when you hang out?: nothing. smoke weed. watch movies
What is your best friend's name?: i dont know gawdd
How old is he/she?: fuck you man
Are You Afraid Of…
Death?: kinda yeah
Flying?: no
Birds?: no
Dogs?: no
The Light?: no
Drowning?: yes!
Crossing bridges?: yes!
Life?: well alright
PDA?: sometimes
Crossing the street?: no
Walking around alone?: no
The dark?: no
Cemetaries?: no
Physically fighting?: yeah
Confrontation?: YES
The opposite sex?: no
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