My wife has told me she doesn’t love me anymore because of the way I am always jealous or get mad over stupid things that don’t matter and I am always miserable. I get thoughts in my head about all kinds of things and cannot get them out this is why am miserable. I am not mad at her I am mad at the thoughts in my head and mad at myself because I cannot stop these thoughts. am I alone in that I do and say the stupidest things in the most hurtfull way when the thoughts take control of my mind. She is tired of living with me and said she just doesn’t care anymore because everything she has done to try and help me has never worked I have not and will not change. does anyone know how I can help her understand that it is not me who says and does those stupid things it is the OCD monster in my head. I am going to the doctor tomarrow night for meds. I hope they help. I was diagnosed with depression,ocd and social anxiety disorder about 4-5 years ago by a shrink but he never explained the effects ocd has on ones life and the lives of those around us he just gave me pxil and said see you in 6 weeks. I stopped taking the paxil did not like having no feelings at all and the sexual side effects were terrible.I am now in therapy and that helps with understaning the disorder and helping me feel less like I am insane. some days I want to end this life because I am so tired of the thoughts that are in my head. I love my wife and I am so tired of hurting her for no reason. can anyone out there help me or has anyone gone though this.It is good to here that there are alot of others out there just like me. ok got to go bye everyone.:dizzy:

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  1. lou 16 years ago

    Hi Dave, I am so sorry to hear things are not to good for you at the moment. I am glad to hear you are going back to the doctors for meds, i am taking Prozac and it really seems to help me. Have you tried getting a book on OCD to let your wife read? I got some books for my hubby to read to help him to understand, and it worked, infact most of his family have read it and try to help too
    I understand how horrible it feels to have these thoughts in your head, and they wont go away. Hopefully meds will help and take the edge off it all for you. This is a really good website and there is alot of support and help offered, things will get better, i feel like i am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel now. Stay positive and take care, love Lou x

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