R on HIV must be won by education & awareness!I have hope that humanity will come to it's sences,& stop this pollution & wasteing sooner rather then later.Green movement is growing more & more everyday,as more peoples realize we must do something & change ourselves & behaviours, & to be more productive & try to find ways to help our fellow man.I do mine by HIV-AIDS Education & awareness ,Harm Reduction safe sex condom promo,methadone & basicly i tell my story,or parts of my story ,depending on where i am speaking.As a recovering coke,heroin & speed addict,i have seen & done alot .I was aquitted of murder 2 in 1998 & was released in time to bury my grandfather.I had already lossed my dad in 77 & my bro in 88..& in 04 my ex brenda,,friend dave,both died of aids related complications & then my daughter cory to HPV.I was clean 2 weeks & was in detox ,when i found out she was in hospital.I was at her side for most of the time,& i think that helped me to stay clean.My kid needed me with her,& I wasn't going to let her down again,ever!I told myself if i could stay clean through this ,i could stay clean through anything!That was 3 yrs ago & and i am still clean..& she is no longer in pain..as she died 1 month after her 22 Birthday..& she's at peace..i am starting meds soon,& i am scared because i don't want to go into withdrawels..u c HIV meds metabilize the ,methadone up too 50%!Last time i tried meds,i was sick for 2 months & finaly quit the meds as i couldn't handle the withdrawels.I guess i will have to go through all that again eh,as its a part of being HIV+,a part that sucks ,but ,it will help me to live for 24 more yrs .at least i'm hoping for 25.GODBLESS ALL MY FELLOW HIV WARRIORS!:biggrin:

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  1. wide4u44 16 years ago

    Courage Joe, life has a wonderful sense of purpose for us all and to share your story,educate and help others give a purpose that is not lost in effort and appreciated by so many in need, be strong,and yes meds do get better!!

    My prayers and hopes go too you for a continual recovery and peace within your life.

    Go well my friend


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