So yesterday, I was very frusterated with my roomates so I considered going home since I have the weekend off.  The fact I couldn't get ahold of most of my friends and the ones I could get ahold of were going to be out of town.  I guess it is a holiday weekend- and I was just home not too long ago I guess.

I did text M and say that I would probably be home so if he wanted to see me let me know.  Right away I got a text from him- saying that he is headed down to Virginia for the weekend.  I remember him telling me that he was going with his friend at the end of August- I guess I forgot!  But he did say that he did want to see and talk to me (maybe about the letter???) but he wasn't going to be home till late Monday and I knew if I went home I'd have to be back since I work on Monday. The last thing I want to do is spoil his fun so I told him it was no biggie and asked what he was going to be doing in VA and he told me while he's there he's going to play in a Magic the  gathering tournament. I told him I know he'll do well, and to have fun while there. He then apologised for being out of town and said that maybe sometime soon we can get together.  Too bad its so damn hard to tell what people mean thru text messages.  Gah just tell me if you love me or not!

Anyways, I've decided I'm going to spend this weekend chilling it out doing things that I like to do.  For now, World of Warcraft is calling me. See you all later 


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