Well, Joe finally had his introduction of his dissertation ready for me to start work on yesterday — I think he was really anxious for my input as he called 3 times! Once to tell me that it was in the mail, then again to see if I had it and then after dinner to see what I had done so far!
I had to set his mind at ease and tell him I had only read it all the way through once, and was copy editing as we spoke and that I saw no problems of substance at all, only a few format and turns of phrase that I was changing for him to accept or deny.  I talked about the process of editing and how I was putting in all the changes in differently colored ink and highlighting the original that got changed and telling him why the change, instead of just doing it with no justification.
I had just gotten my own outline finished when he called!
I must say that it is very good — Joe, that is, not me!  I am actually interested in the topic and it is written in plain easy to read English!   He wants me to go over the historiography for him and see if he needs to add anything, which I am totally unqualified to do, in my eyes, as I just don't "do" the Civil War per se, but will for him.  I guess I get to read a bunch of boring laundry lists of battles and colonel lists and other antiquarian tomes that masquerade for history in the Cvil War fetish field.  He said that he is in Atlanta this week some and then back to school for the weekend and to the theater with Lauren for Phantom.  I told him "Here are the spoilers: there are no cat costumes, and the chandelier crashes."  
I love to get my hands on a manuscript more than anything!  I haven't heard from Rob's publication date yet, but I had better get credit for the initial copy editing so I can put it in a verifiable format for my own c.v.!  Now that one was rough!  I was so amazed at his florid prose, like a drag queen's emotional outbursts upon finding his wig collection had lice. . .I like to model my own prose upon Paine or Jefferson, although Jefferson was prone to long sentences while Paine is the most under rated writer in English IMHO.
Maybelle was in bed at 7, exhausted from squirrel hunting all day long and asleep by 8!  Of course she was up by 7:30am, which meant that I was too . . . I am not even awake good yet at 9, as I was soundly doped up by Benadryl last night at bed time!


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