The aroma of magnolias wafts upon a gentle breeze.
The forest is filled with nothing but magnolia trees.
A bright pinkish flower inside dark green leaves.
Magnolia Island is where my dream vacation will be.


A myriad of colorful wildlife the fragrant forests reveal.
Picturesque hamlet set beside a beautiful Crystal Lake.
Dining upon the tasty grilled trout for the evening meal.
This is an imaginative vacation that I really need to take.

The view of an unforgettably picturesque cascading waterfall,
On an island bordered by a breathtakingly stunning beach.
Ripe coconuts hanging from green Coconut trees thirty feet tall.
Relaxing to the sounds of jazz with a cold tropical drink within reach.

Enjoying the fresh aroma of a burning Jamaican herbal cigar,
As an ocean breeze gently delivers relief from the tropical heat.
A bright white full moon slowly rises above the watery horizon.
Gather my things, to the comforts of my hotel suite I retreat.

The warm night air is filled with the smooth sounds of Reggae,
As the native people joyfully celebrate life in this vacation place.
Beset upon instantly by an very beautiful and graceful woman,
Divinely constructed masterpieces of God’s brilliance and grace.

Into the early morning, the musical celebration jubilantly perseveres.
Enjoying the sweet nectar of dark rum inside my beachside retreat.
Time draws close to bring my dream vacation to an reluctant end.
My satisfied body and the soft comfortable bed slowly gently meet.

Copyright 2008
Reginald Levi Walker


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