1. A strong feeling of affection.

2. A strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for someone.

3. A person or thing that one loves.


1. Feel deep affection or sexual love for (someone).

2. Like or enjoy very much

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Those are the dictionary definitions of love both the noun and verb. Apparently falling in love is supposed to suddenly feel a powerful sense of attraction towards someone. It only happens once to someone. Some people think they’ve fallen in love when really it’s just an illusion and they’re mind trying out different options. It’s all trial and error. But if it’s trial and error that would mean it’s an exhausting, heartbreaking process. Falling in love is supposed to be perfect and the best feeling possible, but is it actually worth all that heartbreak and destruction. I don’t think so… Being alone forever makes far more sense, so why do people still spend their whole lives searching for love??? Hope. It’s all because people have so much hope and faith in the world. They believe that someone out there will love every little piece of them no matter what. Honestly I believe in the whole idea of having one person out there that’s got a destined bond to be with you. But I don’t believe that anyone is capable of loving someone for everyone of their flaws. I know nobody could love me for all of mine, I have too many. I don’t understand why people have faith in humanitys ability to love, but I respect them for that. I wish all the best of luck to those who are trying to fall in love, this wasn’t to discourage people from falling in love. It was just to make people aware and sorta so I could rant a bit. Peace out ✌️


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