First, the broken finger.   I am uncertain how what happened to it.   After resetting the finger and splinting it, the pain is better.

Secondly, I was able to get a frog out of the pool with one hand and a Aquarian net skimmer.  He is okay.   He couldn’t get out on his own.   He is pictured above.   Yes, I made sure he was able to hop away and was out of “shock.”

Thirdly, I decided to forgive my abuser from the past but keep it to myself and not tell him.   I will pick a date and officially write a letter that day that I won’t send him releasing the pain.  His actions and choices belong to him.      He doesn’t get to get the space in my head and heart anymore after that date.   It is the plan! Maybe I will always remember what happened but perhaps it won’t hurt as much.    I don’t want to feel “stuck” anymore.

Thanks for listening!

I hope that everyone feels content, and has safe day



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