Many people in the world already celebrating the V'day at the moment I write this blog, however I have to wait for at least 10 more hours before some people send chocolate on my desk tomorrow morning,

The question is…. do I need those chocolates or candies ? The answer is NO!! It againts my diet plan and I still need to get back to my size 2 again… since I have my target dress hanging and flirting with me on my bedroom wall.

What do I need now ? A prince of charming, who doesn't have to have nice hair, half bald or really a baldy man is fine. He doesn't have to be tall and tan, as long as he is at least 4 inches taller than me that would be great since I love wearing 3 inches heels.

He doesn't need to be rich, but he must have a steady income… I have raised my kids and I don't want to have to raise another hundreds lbs baby . Another important thing is, he is willing to talk to me about anything at least 30 minutes a day, even when we have an argument (especially when we have an argument….. they said the make up is the most exciting part of an argument between couple

But…………… Since tomorrow is a V'day, ignore those qualifications that seems like looking for a dream man from a dreamland!
Here is my offer …

Me… wearing my low cut red dress with a pair of nude pump shoes, a long hair with couple of hair pieces on my head and with only a pair of diamond earings as my assessories . I will put on my favorite Tendre Poison perfume on few areas of my body. A nice nude raffles clutch on my hand, this whole package of me for a …..

Man who is willing to take me for a walk to Tim Horton's coffee tomorrow morning!! with one condition…….


  1. pozdudeontario 9 years ago

    I'm buying! I don't think I can make 'er for Tims tomorrow morning tho… sigh….

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  2. JeffyMI 9 years ago

     Dang I was getting all excited, a sweet woman, timbits…. but Calgary…. sometimes you can't have it all. I am down by SW Ontario (Lake Erie).

    Keep your head up, I know sometimes its hard, but sometimes hope is all we have. 

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