Precious Gems
I hold in my possession precious gems given to me by the almighty there rough unculvated but with a guide hand they will soon be gems of brillance my diamond doesn't sparkle just yet bet after the pressure and polish it will continue to look wet.
with the brillance of constant care making sure that its kept cool with all the pressure thats around it. making sure that it's brillance stay astounded through trials of fire.
Test through wind and rain these are things that may cause a constaant strain. But this diamond in the rough became brillantly polished and unscuffed because in the thick of the elements is where this diamond was forged.
Through trials of fire there also appeared a sapphire gorgeous and glorious theres much  but to behold are trials of separation. There was one more gem that was to be unfolded this ruby was  a gem not words could measure.
The perfection of this gem that was forged together through a gold bind that connect that ruby, sapphire and diamond sparkle with great brillance if you haven't guess by now it was my children. Im the gold bind that connects them together and together they will stay forever.
Nothing Personal
Its nothing personal when many americans live below the Poverty level line, its nothing personal if there are people striving to get ahead and selling their soul to another.
Just place your soul on the dotted line its nothing persnal that where being fed aload of trash about the over seas war.
Its nothing personal if the rich gets richer and the poorer remains poor, So in conclusion its nothing personal.
Just what society labels as success step on you fellow man; Use up everything until theres nothing left.
Its nothing personal.
Lose Ur Soul
Never Lose your soul to one that doesn't inspire.
Never lose your soul for the last of an empire.
Never lose your soul to love that's been lost.
Never lose your soul to a fool who can be bought by pride,greed,jealousy,strife never lose your soul to a backstabber with a knife.
Never lose your soul to a lying cheating and sealing man. If you have then never lose it again.
Never lose your soul based on promises told /because if there not kept then there lies unsold.
In short never lose yor soul, If you have too lose your  soul lose it in positive things.
I have struggle with the lost of self control by me losing my soul. To negative,deceitiful, forself only beings in short a man. A man that wasn't mine, he was a person who exsisted to fool people unknowingly of his tricks.
Many a soul has been lost by this  hand,never again will I lose my soul to this or any other man.
No more lost soul.
Ignore the haters because therre will be plenty.
Ignore the haters because you can never haveto many.
Ignore the haters and just maybe they will be inspired 2 change.
Change the hater range to something that should be hated on like discrimation,segration, people dying for diamonds and food lack of health care and jobs.
Ignore the haters, If the haters aren't ralling for those things peace on earth or goodwill towards all men. In short ignore the haters.
To Say Thank You
To say thank you so much love/guidance you've given to my angel without conditions knowing that life is just a journey.
Some travels are longer than others but through the journeys of life precious memories were given.
Remember them in your time of sorrow, Remember them with every tommorrow.
Rest assure your baby's safe in the arms of "GOD".
Precious Moments
Precious memories of yester year and the new life that was brought into the atomsphere. Surrond by love and grace as pride, joy,love continuously beam all over the place. That was a precious moment.
Precious moments of love and time poured into the nurturing of your child. Remember the first words,1st steps, 1st smile, 1st kiss on the cheek and I love you mommy how it touched so deep.
Remember those precious moments.
Precious moments when ("GOD") chose you to care for the angel he bestowed upon you.
Remember those precious moments.



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