This is my personal tribute to my Fallen Comrades of the many Wars that America has fought in. we celebrate Memorial Day in rememberance of these brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. These service men and women died fighting for what they believed in and i for one believe that they need to be honored not only today but everyday. I fought two terms in Viet Nam, i earned two bronze stars and a purple heart for valor in combat and being wounded twice.

for those of you who do not know what the Red, White and Blue in our flag stands for let me tell you. the Red stands for the blood shed on the Battlefields of war, the White stands for the purity of our nation, the blue for the deep blues seas surrounding our country and of course one star for each 50 states. at my house every Patrioctic day i fly an American flag, a POW/MIA flag and a Confederate Flag. because they all have a meaning to me.

I am so tired of the people today who have taken the Pledge of Alligiance out of our public schools, do not allow children to pray to God. The Constitution of the United States of America was written by the people and for the people of America. like it or not laws are being broken in all 50 states by not allowing our own children their rights.

A quote from the song listed above, "My hairs turning White, my necks always been Red, my collars still Blue. we've always been here just trying to sing the truth to you, guess you could say we've always been Red, White and Blue."

Happy Memorial day

For Vets thanks and welcome home

NA hugs and love,


JJ a grateful recovering addict and a Veteran




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