Okay, so I thought that ill tell you all what is actually wrong with me, ive gone on about my meds and your probably thinking well what the hell do you take them for lol, and with saying that I am in no way ashamed in my problems and i find it sad that some people are, if people want to judge you with whats wrong with you then they are not worth your time AT ALL, enough said!

Okay, i take seroquel for bipolar and it has been a godsend, when i was 14 i was diagnosed with depression after months and months of blood tests to find out why i was so "fatigued and down" but in the end a doctor told me that there was no physical cause for what was wrong with me and asked me how i felt mentally, i clammed up, cracked it and walked out (with my mum), when i got outside i completely broke down and told her i feel sad all the time and dont know why…

I ended up seeing a psychiatrist who put me on to Zoloft, which was great for the next few years then it started to loose its effect, id been on it 2 years on the highest doseage and it wasnt working, so i stopped taking it. I had lots of ups and downs and then eventually this year went on Lexapro… in my opinion i dont like it because it did NOTHING… but it helps some people so its just my opinion.

Anyways, i started gettting really depressed and then going into what i know now as "manic" phases and i was FINALLY diagnosed with Bipolar and put onto seroquel last month and have felt great!

I also have extremely bad anxiety, generalized anxiety and agoraphobia (although that is starting to get better) and my doctor hasnt really been very understanding on that, seroquel does help alot but doesnt do too much for anxiety, and the only good anxiety drugs out there can be addictive, hence why he doesnt want to give them to me.

I was on valium for a week when i had a bad time and to tell you the truth im glad he didnt give me anymore then that or i think i would of battled an addiction which i dont really want to do again!

Yes again, i have been addicted to marijuana, most people laugh and say its not addictive but i can definatly prove those people wrong i have known alot of people addicted including me!

I moved out of home when i was 16, because my mental state was not good and i was just being a horrible person to my family so i thought they would be better off without me, and to help me feel better about that i started smoking dope, i probably did that for about a year and eventually quit, luckily i got out of it easy, but i still deal with the addiction everyday, not in myself but in my partner, hes been addicted to it for 7 years and has finally sought help and hopefully he will get better, many people say to leave him, and i would if he was just smoking it for the hell of it, but he had a horrible childhood that i wouldnt wish upon anyone and he started smoking it to supress feelings and it just went on from there.

So anyway, now you all know my life story Lol!

Have a good day/night!



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