Hello tribe. Well finally I have new neighbors. Lol They are my daughter, my son in law and my grandson and grandpuppy! They started moving in Saturday night. It has been non stop between a jeep and two pickups we are still at it. And lucky me if I am not taking loads to the new place I am babysitting my grandson. For the last 2 nights my bed time has been 4 am. My daughter came in at like 7:30 am yesterday morning after I went to sleep at 4 and says " wake up mom here hold Zakkery for a minute" She says I sat up and held Zakkery, but I don't remember that, but I do remember telling her to go home and let me sleep. I went to Dannys mom to pick up a load, and noticed none of the babys things had beeen brought over, so I loaded my truck with Zakkerys things, instead of the boxes Danny wanted me to get. So now since both me and Tina live in a little one bedroom house each except she has 2 more people and its just me  and my dog, well my front room looks like a jungle gym. Zakkerys playpen is in my front room as so are his toys. I have strived to keep my house up clean and clutter free. So much for clutter free zone! I get anxiety attacks over my house being cluttered. Tomorrow I am going out of town to watch and care for my adopted mom, she just had surgery, and her partner my other mom will be in court. But I look at this little trip as a mini vacation. I think its wonderful that my daughter and grandson are right next door but Gramma already needs a break.

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    Apple71 13 years ago

    Every other word out of my grandsons mouth is NA NA! His vocabulary consists of few words, momma dada, bubba, eat, hi, Danny Tina shit and Nana.

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