Narcotics Anonymous suggestions to put to use in everyday life

If you don't pick up that first drug, you won't get high

it's easy to stop using–the secret is to stay stopped

there is a God—-and it isn't me

If you can give me a good reason to go out and use, i'll go with you

you'll know you've "hit bottom" when you can't dig anymore

trying to "reach"a "practicing" addict is like trying to teach a donkey to sing—it just annoys him

quit working the steps and start living them

having a bad day?? or, is it a bad 15 minutes and you are just milking the shit out of it?

if you took more time to count your blessings, you would'nt have enough time to find anything to complain about

Humility–what you get when you don't get what you want, not thinking less of yourself  less

What does not destroy us makes us stronger–Neitzche

If you're going through hell—don't stop

Put God first, NA second—everything third

Don't get boredom confused with serenity

some people go to church because they're afraid of going to hell–we go to NA because we've already been there

"detox" is not politically correct–they're no longer detox centers: they're now "withdrawal management centers….(yuck)

things worth being are better than things worth having

start your day off with a smile 'N' get it over with……

<most of us have the obsession: "we'll beat it this time"

>would you put your hand on a hot stove again and again?

>if a terminally ill cancer patient or heart patient could stop the progression of his or her disease by simply going to meetings….?

<It's the message that counts-not the jackass carrying it

>the only requirement for membership is an honest desire to stop using


NA hugs and Love,





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