I haven't had a car in about five years….maybe 6.
I take the safari to work and back and it works just fine for me and it keeps my carbon footprint on this planet at a minimum…it also, I'm sure, has at times made me a bit of a pain in the butt to my friends who tend to have to chauffer me around if they want me to hang with them.

Well, GUS and I have been talking about it and if I want to continue to do his work I'm gonna need transport … at first I didn't trust myself to not drive to the bar….then I just found it moe convenient to NOT have a car….but I need one sometimes…AND if I had to have one….I had this specific car in mind…My land lady's old 1071 VW bug. BUT she wouldn't sell it to me.

She said she was afraid it would stop running and she would have to continue to live by me and she would feel awful if it broke down yadda yada. BUMMER!

So my friend's truck broke and needed a transmission so I told him about the VW..it was not advertised, of course! He could buy it for $800 and use it until his truck was fixed and then HE could sell it to ME so it would be outta the land lady's hands an I'd get my car! GREAT PLAN, HUH!???

Well….unfortunately, he fell in love with the bug made it a “project” and decided not to sell it back to me. I was resentful for a bit but decided to trust GUS, love my friend, and get over it. But every time GUS and I were talking about a car for me….I just kept thinking about that BUG! And the other day I put in my “order” I told GUS I wanted to get a car but not just ANY car….I wanted an old VW bug preferably tomato big green Hahahaha. Then, I promptly forgot about it.

Today I was at the laundry and talking with my friend there about how I really need a car BUT…I said, well sell me a paper and I'll see what they have..she did and ….so I did. THE FIRST AD was for a 1970 VW Bug! They are NEVER available….first one I've seen advertised ever here. Well I called, I took down the directions. The lady said it was $5k FIRM…

I have $400 to my name and need groceries…but Vince called and asked if I wanted a lift to the grocery and I said yes, thank you an could he take me to see this car first????? ….so we went.

Well, it was dusty, hadnot moved in 2 years, had a flat from decompression….was TOMATO BUG GREEN…..AND I LOVED IT

I was in SHOCK! And I was thinking I was just torturing myself but then I thought, “I can find someone to loan me $5K – or get a cosigner…

So I told the lady I'd have to find someone to loan me the $. She went down $1k…

I said I'd still have to find a lender even at that price, ..unless (teehee) she wanted to carry the note on it………… and she said “OKAY, I can do that!”

Vince will take me over to get it tomorrow and I should have it licensed and on the road within a month…maybe sooner depending! IT IS ADORABLE! It is truly unique and a GOD SHOT!!!

It has those little half eyelids on the lights and everything. I LOVE IT!!!
And I can get the books and work on it myself just like I wanted to with the other one but it ISN'T RUSTY and the upholstery is GREAT and I LOVE IT!!

I will post a picture tomorrow. THANK YOU GUS!!! THANK YOU GUS! THANK YOU GUS!!!!!!!!!
:biggrin::bowl::bowl::bowl: rollin' rollin' rollin!


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