8:22pm July 19th
Hey Sarah, whats up?
Remember me?————
9:36am July 23rd
Mathew of COURSE I remember you! In fact I was recently regailing myself with that one time when we were in gr 3 art class we were learning to weave, and I whispered to you how to do it, and Ms. Tarnawski yelled at us and kicked us out in the hallway, and you were saying IM GONNA SUE HER!!
what’s new what’s the craic? ————
7:43pm July 23rd
Wow, you have a very good memory. Sorry but i dont recall that happening, im sure it did though, i used 2 get in shit all the time.lol.
Well, i moved back 2 the park recently. um, im goin 2 school soon.
Im takin engineering. How about u?—————Sarah
3:10pm July 24th
ha ha. Sure you did, rebel child! But our class in itself was notorious even before you came 😛
I wish my memory worked in more concrete ways though, everything I remember is abstract and quite visual.
Engineering is an excellent profession if you are looking for dough. Just don’t be like the engineers I’ve met while working at a bar — they waste it all on alcohol drugs and giving waitresses tips and being bitter about it.
I saw you have pictures of a little one.. is it yours? Cause he looks like you 🙂
I’m in Ireland right now. Gypsy’s stole my purse this weekend.
I’m working in reception, but also Iam bartending at a kind of young bar that plays lots of jonny cash and reggae and bob dylan..
I’m living with a polish girl, a brazilian guy, an austrailian guy, and an italian guy (who is crazy). In a 2 bedroom apartment. I quit my jobs tho and on aug 15 I am due to embark on a bit of an adventure, working on an organic farm in cork firstly, then im off to poland, maybe ukraine, maybe slovakia, and definitely germany…then who knows? due back in ireland in november to continue working, probly staying in dublin.

How you liking the park? I just dont want to go back there cause once again I realise how much I hate it, and as much as I love my family I am the happiest ive been in years being away from their bullshit
7:40pm July 24th
Thats so cool, i have so many questions. So are u just touring for a few years? Are you goin 2 stay in europe? thats awsome, live outside the box. i wish i could do that. i dont know how though, id be a lil uneasy about traveling halfway across the world to a place ive never been b4 where i dont know anyone and cant even speak with anyone. i dont even know much about europe, i wish i was more cultured. Im goin 2 amsterdam in march though, that might help. Im thinkin that its just gonna be a gong show though.

Yep, thats my son in the pics, hes 18 months old now. His name is Mark Mathew Ludwig. I was with his mom for 3.5 years, we broke it off recently, but were still 2gether in terms of Mark. He wasnt planned. At first i was shittin bricks about being a dad, especally cause i did have a dad so i was worried about my parenting abilitys.
Now its a totaly different story, i cant really explain the feeling he gives me. He has totaly changed my point of view about life, its like. wow, i dunno, like i said i cant explain it. lol. Its sweet though. I spend lots of time with him, watchin him learn and explore. its just 2 cool. You should definatly have childeren one day when your ready, its a must. (if you dont already, just assuming you dont)
You are by far the most interesting person from our elementry school. I want to hear some stories, come on, ther must be some crazy things that have happened 2 u on your journeys
12:31pm July 26th
Mathew I can’t explain to you how drastically travelling can change your perspective. Becoming aquainted with parts of the world you read about is a very personal, incredible experience if you let your spirit guide you. I’ve learned more in 3 months than I have in two years. Your mind just opens right up and you realise how many possibilities there are.. anyway I could go on about this forever. But it is just great. Amsterdam is alot of fun too even just to get messed up alone..
But really Id suggest trying to make an effort to pretend you are local as much as you can, talk to local people, get a good feel for the place and what its like to live there and how people were broguht up and how it influences their thoughts and beliefs. Very very interesting. Also, as you may or may not know, van gough was manic depressive. Many of his pieces were painted when he ws in a state of mania. Mushrooms induce a state of mania in you. To see such an influential artists work in his state of mind is incredible.
I had the most amazing experience there.
Just dont get too close to the paintings its extremely high security.
I’ll tell you some crazy stories in a while, im at work now, but my real travels havent really begun yet. Ive been working like crazy these first few months to feel a little more grounded and decide what to do.
You meet a very good quality of people when you travel but also veyr bad people too, like the gypsis that stole my purse while I was salsaing in an african drum circle…
It sounds like you’ve really had a change in perspective and youve grown up alot. I;’m really happy things are going good for ya and I’ll probly be writing back to ask questions about your son cause im curious like that..na no kids im way too paranoid and am trying to deal with my own emotions and decide what i want from life to get pregnant.but one day!
I’m very impressed with you by the way.
7:50pm July 26th
Ya, I’ve changed alot. My childhood, like when u knew me, was FUCT up. i had a abusive step dad and my mom was never around. thats why i was such a outcast at school. man, my perspective of life back then was scary. I wouldnt wish it on anyone. my mind just thought differently than everyone elses because my step dad was a really bad influence on me and a was just a kid, i never knew any different, i though my life was normal. I began 2 realize how fuct up i was when my parents split up, its the best thing that ever happened to me. I think that if i was with that monster (step dad) for a few more years i would have permenant problems.

But my life has changed since their divorce. Im a totally different person now. Ive straightened out my priorities and i have a much clearer view of what life acutally is and kinda how its suppost to work.———————
Today at 8:29am
Maybe..when we were all young we didn’t really understand our own problems let alone anyone else’s, and children see things kind of black and white and don’t read between the lines. And because of this we were really cruel to eachother, and it creates ten times more problems in us outcasts ;P I was kind of casted in grade 8 then I literally dissapeared (stopped coming to school permanently one day with no word) left and went to an artschool in gr 9, but i was afraid id drop out of school so I did correspondance for highschool.
I don’t know if you’ll believe me but I can relate to the abuse, except mine was more of a psychological/emotional nature. I don’t think my parents knew what they were doing and they were trying their hardest to be good parents and there was so much dysfunction so I can’t really blame them.. my mum had a messed up life as a young person and my dad I swear he’s OCD or something but has never been diagnosed, and my sister is in fact bipolar, my brother was ok just an asshole sometimes but diving kept him pretty sane, and any problems I had were pretty well hidden under the radar, except that I was a little violent at home for a while from the stress of it. Pretty much why I started saving my money to get out of the country as soon as highschool finished. I’m still kind of dealing with internal stuff but I’d say it’s done me a world of good… and I really don;t want to come home if I can help it 🙂
But really mathew it’s funny to hear what was really going on in peoples lives, it adds alot of perspective, gives you a bigger picture of school and our childhoods and why our class was so fucking notorious in elementry. We just got all the fucked up kids mixed with the needlessly pretentious uppermiddle class kids … probably not so good————-


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