I have been looking for a new therapist for the past year! I had orignally thought about going to see a Psychiatrist and getting meds. I felt like i needed the meds i was desperately seeking relief, its so easy to just want to take a pill that makes you think Its gonna magically all go away. I made an appointment for the Psychiatrist but couldnt bring myself to go so instead i made an appointment with a locak therapist group. I have had alot of experience going to alot of different therpaists some of them worked out some of them didnt. In the past i make and appointment and go in and tell them my whole life story within the first 45 MIN. Then im upset the whole time, telling a stranger my whole life story and all my faults. They usually look at me with a strange face. Its my way of catching the up to speed so i dont have to do it later in my head if i tell them everything i went through and all my issues they can help me recover quicker. After i leave i usually cant bring myself to make a seccond appointment. I had my first appointment with my therapist. My boyfriend went with me, We showed up 30 mins early just to find out that it was the wrong place then we finally found the right place ( it looks like a 5 bedroom house just used for theapy) . I built up the courage to get out of the Car and walk in the front door. The therapist greeted me at the door. I had some issues staying inside (Mainly becuase It was a new place, I felt uncomfortable and out of my comfort zone and it was all new people) She walked out side with me on the front porch, Sat down AndEFT(emotional Freedom Technique) with me. I have only heard about it but never actually done it before. Come to find out it actually works and after 6 or 7 times i was completely calm and ready to go inside for a tour of the place and fill out paperwork. They even have animals at this place to help with therapy!

the procedure consists of the participant rating the emotional intensity of their reaction on a Subjective units of Distress scale(SUDS) (a Likert Scalefor subjective measures of distress, calibrated 0-10) then repeating an orienting Afirmationwhile rubbing or tapping specific points on the body. Some practitioners incorporate eye movements or other tasks. The emotional intensity is then rescored and repeated until no changes are noted in the emotional intensity.

I talked to her about how i had anxiety about talking about my issues and how in the past when i had seen therapists i just blurt out everything to get it over with. She agreed with me and said Between her truama courses they teach her to not get the patient to talk imeditately and take it slow for the first few weeks (keep it light, Use techniques on how to deal with the anxiety. Instead of trying to make it worse by bringing up subjects that make them more uncomfortable) By not talking about my issues right away, taking things slow, Taking a tour of the place and Working on my anxiety by using techniques with her I feel more confident about our next appointment. Just thought i would share! anyone who hasnt ever experienced EFT should look it up and try it! the only thing i will say is you might feel like you look totally ridiculous to someone who doesnt know what it is but if you are desperate and in a situation where you seeking relief and cant calm down you might not care what you look like!

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  1. Seeshell 8 years ago

    Thank you bridgie Sounds like you have a god therapist too! 🙂

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