This isn’t really a bad post. It’s more just a relief post… A little while ago my class started blog posts for a grade. The teacher would give us the topic for each post and we would write it then send him a link to the blog. My laptop was broken for the first 4. by the time I got a new laptop we had 5 and now we have 6 well I finished the first 5 before anyone even finished the fifth one and we just got assigned the 6th and I’m already done so I’m happy that I was able to get caught up so easily. I also finished my art project a week before it’s due which means I finished it in 2 days only working in class and and hour outside of school. But school keeps canceling last period on blue days so I haven’t had art all week. I can’t post this unless I have enough words in it so I guess I have to figure out something else to post or something. Uhm. My boyfriend ended up yelling at me in the middle of the hallway in front of a lot of people because of some thing his friend said to him about our relationship. My boyfriend was convinced his friend had control over if my and him were together or not so I blocked him friend and stopped talking to him because he’s causing unneeded problems so I gave up. I’m honestly done fighting irrelevant people to keep my relationship. I really am running out of things to say. Uhm me and my boyfriend are doing better now. We haven’t fought since we talked about it. But we haven’t been able to hang out much still which sucks I wish I could see him more. Tomorrow is three months. Which is the longest anyone has ever stayed with me. Uhm I guess since I still need more words I’ll talk about last night. So I woke up randomly at 1 ish in the morning. And for some reason my mind kept saying “your not alone” then I would see random things. It was kind of really creepy to be honest. But eventually I fell back asleep. Yesterday was pretty bad but long story short I had to walk 2 and a half hours because my dad got pissed and I didn’t want the car to go off road and I ended up getting soaked head to toe when a big red truck splashed a huge puddle over me. But eventually I got to the store my moms working at by then I was crying and she got me new socks and I had an extra pair of shoes so I changed them and then we got a ride home but then so much bullshit happened last night I just couldn’t stop crying from 8 to 10. It sucked and it was just one thing after another.


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