Well… Today wasn’t completely crappy. I was pretty tired this morning when I finally got up outta bed. Last night I started taking Melotonin to help me sleep… Whelp… It works. Kinda… This morning went okay. My sister gave me a ride to school today and we took selfies, and for the first time in a long time I actually had time to get to school early and get breakfast. I went to Physics class today and we watched a movie and had a free day basically. Then I had Algebra, and then played dodge ball for my Advisory period. Then I had U.S. history and we started watching a movie called “Cinderella Man”… REALLY good movie!!! Then I had Band/Chorus class, and in Geometry I had a different lunch schedule today cause I guess my teacher was leaving school early for some reason. Which allowed me to have lunch today with one of my BEST friends, Christian. Then I had American Literature with my cousin, Kieshia, and then had my study hall at the end of the day. But… Then I had detention. One I got BTW, for a reason as stupid as a few unexcused tardies because of my sleeping problems, and my mom purposely not giving me notes to “teach me a lesson”. Yeah, sure… And now she’s facing truancy charges for my unexcused absences and tardies from school. Ha, jokes on her I guess. I applied like three different places today for jobs… Then I did my paper route, went home, and my dad came over. Then we all got in a fight over something SO stupid. My mom made corn chowder, and god forbid I said I didn’t want any because one, I don’t like corn chowder, and two, because I wasn’t hungry. Then, BOOM!!! I’m a “horrible child”, and my late “grandmother would be so disappointed” in me. Oh, and my mom made violent empty threats just cause she can. Everyone’s apparently fed up with me now. Then I took my Melatonin and BC for the night, and within an hour was passed out on my couch, and what do you freakin’ know? My dad woke me up… And basically ruined the melatonin affects, cause now I can’t sleep… So. Freaking. Tired.

Night, everyone…

Sweet dreams…



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