We could take a minute, and compare the Medical Worlds success, on its fight to ‘cure’ Mental Illnesses, with the Bush Administrations success on the "War On Terror’.  In all fairness, let’s just say that the Medical World has only ‘really’ been working on it for my lifetime, since 1940.  OK.

      For one thing, we now have millions more individuals living with Mental Illnesses. Is this good or bad?  There have been thousands (or is it millions), who have died earlier in their lives because of Mental Illnesses.  There have been thousands, who have killed others and then themselves.{we could call them suicide bombers}  The government is spending  $billions$  on health care costs, drugs, hospitalization, monthly  disability compensation, etc.  There is no ‘cure’ in sight. {‘cept mine}  Each year that goes by, there are more and more individuals finding out that they need help.  Each year that goes by, a larger percentage of individuals with Mental Illnesses, are finding out that they are not ‘cured’ or even getting better.  OK.


    The ‘War On Terror’ started in September 2001(9-11).  Thousands have been killed (or is it millions?). Thousands have been injured (or is it millions?).  $Billions$  have been spent.  Is the end (cure) in site?  Depends on who you ask..Let’s try one question.  Do you want the ‘War On Terror’ to end immediately?  Some would say.  No, it can’t. Some would say.  ‘Yes’.  Some would say. Before the 2008 election.    OK.  Now lets ask the same question of Mental Illness.  Do you want ‘Mental Illness’ to end immediately?  The public would all say. YES!!!!  The doctors would all say. It can’t be.   The Drug Companies would all say. NO!!!!  HELL NO!!!!!  We would all be in the welfare line without all the profits that we are making on mental illnesses…….

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  1. horseman 15 years ago

    At least your lot over there are doing something about it.This lot over here are so full of bullshit they carnt see the truth when it hits them in the face they are not real people they have never had to work in the real world instead they have had nice little offices to sit in for the day then being taken home in nice big cars so they dont have to walk on the streets and get there shoes dirty with the commoners dirt.

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