Hello to Everyone! It is good to see that there are people who still care about funding for HIV/AIDS. I was excited to see a new group that is suggesting actions be taken to \'remind" our elected officials that we aren\'t dead yet and that there needs to be new legislative reforms at national and state levels for HIV/AIDS care, treatment and research. Unfortunately a petition is a wonderful idea that may make everyone feel better but will accomplish absolutely nothing. Ryan White Titles I thru IV are very underfunded and are service based. Millions of dollars of available funding and dozens of charities are going under because of the approximately 1 million people infected by HIV/AIDS in the United States (about 0.033% of the  US population) of which only 2/3rds actually know about thier positive status – many of us do not have case management or seek assistance. Whether you are healthy or not  – if you are not signed up for case management they do not get funding!  Plus, there are already great organizations that lobby for HIV/AIDS through national and state legislators; like The AIDS Institute, www.theaidsinstitute.org  Which has lobbyist offices in Washinton D.C and in Tallahassee Fl.  and also Bono\'s "One" Campaign, www.one.org which pushes for social change globally and nationally. As the founder of a 501 (c) (3) charity here in florida – The Adherence Corporation, www.adherencecorp.com  (Which is also the group that sponsors  the BHIVE  [Be HIV Empowered] 08\' social conferences, but does not actively lobby legislators).  I am very aware of the current plights and lack of funding for HIV/AIDS. It is my humblest opinion that instead of trying to do this alone, join up with these organizations that are actually lobbying on our behalf now and have the contacts to get a petition written here on the tribe to the right legislators who might actually review it instead of sending a preformatted letter thanking you for your time and that they are doing everything in their power to address your concerns – and most importantly still hope that you vote for them the next time they are up for re-election so they can continue your fight for you. I do not mean to discourage anyone for standing up for what they believe in or do nothing about changing the perspective of HIV/AIDS in the minds of the average american citizen.  Thanks – B aka Romeo


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