I've never been a people person. Maybe because I'm an only child and I'm used to being alone…but then again, I know several people who are an only child and they're just chatter boxes! I admire that. Put me in a room or gathering with people and I'm the quiet one. I'm more of a listener than a participant. Although, when it's a one on one situation or a couple of people I'm totally comfortable with, I'm able to talk more. I actually converse.

I've spoken to a couple of guys I met on Facebook via phone and I've met one – I had to really push myself to do that! But things didn't work out. At first I thought it was me. We got along fine over the phone or so I thought but then they weren't returning my calls. ok. And the guy I actually met, now he was extremely talkative. The conversations were all about him. He never asked me anything about myself. It seemed to me he only wanted someone to talk to who would be willing to just listen to him talk about himself! Then he made a comment, which came out of nowhere, he said he had spoken to another guy who was an only child – he didn't know I was an only child, I never had a chance to tell him! – and he continued saying he felt sorry for him because he was an abomination since he was born out of wed lock and would never rest in peace when he dies. Excuse me?! He kept on talking but by that point I was no longer listening. I didn't even bother to tell him I am an only child and I to was born out of wed lock. But, hey, to each his own. He has his beliefs and I'm not one to change it. Doesn't mean I have to put up with that either! I stopped talking to him. I don't need such negativity in my life.

I still have him as a friend on Facebook, as I do the other guys who wouldn't return my calls and I noticed something. What these guys have been posting on Facebook about other guys they have actually met…WHOA! I'm glad things didn't work out! Talk about negativity! Good Lord! Posting they go out, get drunk and type bad things about the person they were with…ugh,I do not want any of that drama in my life. Things do happen for a reason. Here I thought I was the problem when in reality, these guys not returning my call, was a good sign. It was life yelling at me to"RUN!".

I no longer post personal information on Facebook. Now, I post more inspirational, positive statements/quotes. Maybe some funny pictures but personal….nope. Oh well, it was a learning experience. No harm was done. I wish them all the best.



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